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Team Building

We have two key approaches to building effective teams:

  1. Team Dimensions Profiling
    The Team Dimensions Profile maps the flow of assigning roles, completing tasks, and handing off tasks to other team members through the Z Process.

  2. Team Integration
    This 3-day program is a unique team integration designed to assist teams in uncovering problems, identifying solutions, and developing an Action Plan w/accountability for driving improvements.

    This facilitated event addresses the following needs:

    • Current Reality of Team Effectiveness

    • Current Reality of Existing Problems

    • Action Plan for Improved Effectiveness

A complete Summary Report is provided to all participants following the 3-day event, capturing all discussions in a reporting format.

Additionally, participants receive a complete Action Plan mapping out the decisions and strategies to implement all agreements and solutions, and to track progress of efforts.

View sample reports we use in Team Building:
Team Dimensions Profile
Personal Listening Profile
Time Mastery Profile

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