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Biographical Profile: Jeffrey King

Jeffrey King


Jeffrey King is co-owner and Vice President of Leadership Training Systems Inc. (LTS), and co-founder and co-owner of Training Systems Network LLC, (TSN) a licensed continuing education provider to corporations and government agencies.

Jeffrey was instrumental in driving LTS into the new millennium through his expertise in technology. Through his efforts, LTS moved from a solely onsite training provider, to a multi-media service provider offering virtual, CD-ROM and DVD programs. Technology accomplishments include: managing the conversion of more than 200 internal and client programs; creating 200+ customized ‘tutorial’ programs for LTS and TSN clients; leading the satellite delivery of more than 700 programs to 600,000 participants through TSN’s outreach; and driving the virtual delivery of the LTS online leadership course which to date has served more than 2000 leaders!

Through his work as Assistant Producer in the delivery of both live and tape-delayed programs, he has worked with world icons such as John Carrow, CIO of Unisys Corporation, and Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinkos.

In 2000, Jeffrey’s interest in training led him to becoming a behavioral profile specialist with the InnerView. Since then, he has become an national award-winning specialist in facilitation of behavioral profiles using the DiSC Profiling System, delivering individual and team programs globally.

Additional accomplishments include having co-authored the book Mastering Individual Effectiveness, Novell certification and a degree in technology.


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